TheHappeny - Events Made Simple

The Happeny is the integrated platform for businesses, sales organizations and HR operations that makes it easy to design, organize and manage events, as well as to share the business purpose and values with clients and stakeholders.

This platform embeds a wide and constantly evolving event catalog for both mass-market and premium customers, as well as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and service solution that streamlines the access and management of events for the whole organization.

The Happeny -  Events Made Simple

TheHappeny -  Events Made Simple

iVideo One-2-One

iVideo is the integrated platform for customized videos by iCento:

  • customized information: video + audio narration
  • customized paths
  • multidevice: PC - Smartphone - Tablet - TV
  • from "n-infinite" to "n-mil" of one-to-one videos
  • We create customized videos that maximize the campaign conversion rates and offer the utmost relevance to the users.

    iVideo One-2-One